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Guest Lecture

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Guest Lecture Report - Civil

Date& Time : 26.09.2017 & 11.00 AM
Name of the Resource Person : Er.P.Sathish Kumar, Design & Site Engineer, Sri S P Associates,Namakkal.
Students Participation Details : IV YEAR – 20 students,
III year – 21 students,
II YEAR – 12 students

Report & Feedback about the Guest Lecture:


At present the conventional construction materials are not available in large quantity at lesser cost. The cost of material is going high which ultimately affects the progress of the construction works. So, Engineers and Research scholars are trying to find alternative solutions. They are trying to use the waste materials from factories and industries like Rice Husk, Molasses waste bulbs from paper mills. The chemical composition and specific properties of these waste materials are compared with the properties of conventional materials like Cement, Sand and Aggregates are suitably replaced by the waste materials and there by progress of the construction works have been improved.


  • Students heard new idea about the uses of waste materials in construction works.
  • Current situation about the demand of construction materials and the rectifying process for the continuing the works.
  • They also know about what are the problems going to face in future in civil engineering field.
  • They got idea about what are the initial processes to be done in the construction works.
  • In short time students gain many useful details about construction materials.

Student Feedback :

  • Dhanabal.R & IV year – I heard about new innovation construction materials from waste materials.
  • Yuvadevi.R & IV year – I learn how to make cost effective in the construction of buildings
  • JACQUELINE SHYLAH S & III year – Its very useful for me to know about use of waste materials in building construction.
  • SAMSUDEEN S & III year – The points about initial processes in the construction works was very useful for me.
  • Buvaneswari.R & II year – This guest lecture was very much useful for me to know more about my field condition at present and in future.